Chatting with Olympic Champions

Anybody who knows our family, knows that we are total Olympic junkies. I can guarantee you that at the end of Sunday night’s closing ceremonies in London, I’ll start counting down the the upcoming Winter Olympics in Socchi, Russia. I’m already feeling a bit sad hearing the Olympic fanfare, knowing that in just a few short days, it’s all going to be over.

Of course I love all the big popular sports- swimming, gymnastics, volleyball (both!), etc. This year I discovered live streaming, so I’ve basically been watching all the events live on my computer while I’m working. No lie here, I’m more likely to be at my desk all day when I can watch diving or whitewater kayaking while I’m working. Thanks to live streaming I’ve watched some of pretty much every type of event this year, from archery to judo, from women’s heavyweight wrestling to BMX.  It’s been great.

My job in the social media world has found me more active on Twitter, which I really wasn’t before, and the best thing about Twitter these last two weeks is following the athletes. The day that Ryan Lochte retweeted me, you’d think I’d won the Olympic lottery.  I love brushes with Olympic greatness, and my retweet from RL wasn’t the first.

We are fortunate to have a AVP pro-beach volleyball tournament here in Cincinnati every year for the past few years. All the best in the world are here, including many Olympians. The venue is such that players are constantly mingling with we mere mortals who can’t jump or spike. It’s so great. It’s given my family and volleyball loving friends an opportunity to meet and chat with the players.

For two years in a row now, I’ve had the opportunity to chat a bit with now three time Olympic gold medalists Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May Treanor. Let me tell you, these ladies are the real deal. Not only are they the incredible athletes that you see on prime time television, but they are really like regular people as well.  They are generous with their time, always willing to chat as long as it’s not right before a match, they’ll pose for photos, sign autographs, etc.  They are especially great with the kids and young volleyball players.  These two amazing women are incredible role models for not only volleyball players but for all young athletes.

Last year when they were here, they were not partnered together, so I was so happy to see that they reunited for the Olympics and again, delivered gold medals for the USA. I was so proud, I felt like I had two real friends out there representing the USA.

I swear, I took 100+ photos of these two alone, because I’m such a fangirl.  I won’t share them all, but this one is for you guys out there:

Go Team USA!

  • Dolly - Barb, this is beyond mega cool! Two of my very favorite Olympians, and quite frankly Americans and women. How great that you have had the opportunity to talk with them and get those great pics!ReplyCancel

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