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I am just so THRILLED and leaping with joy to show you these.  I don’t shoot many weddings, just very small ones and they need to be for very special people. Well this past Saturday I had the honor to photograph the wedding of two of the most wonderful people, Debbie and Russell. I have been to a lot of weddings in my life, and I have to say that this is certainly one of the best, because there was so much joy and love in the air, you couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with it all!

Debbie and I have been friends for a long time, more than 20 years. We used to live across the street from each other. There was one day when I was a brand new mom with what I recognize now as post-partum depression and I was really struggling. I was having a terrible day and having some really scary and irrational thoughts that a new mom never wants to have.  And just like that, out of the blue, Debbie came to my door and I can’t even remember why. She was a new mom too, but her baby Julia was her forth, so she’d been down this road before. Anyhow, I don’t remember what was said, or what she did, but she saved me from myself that day. I’ll never forget her patience and her overwhelming kindness. Since that day, I’ve always considered Debbie to be an angel to me here on Earth. So needless to say, being able to help her share in her special day was an honor that I can’t even describe.

And then there’s Russell. I admit, I had never met this guy until I met with the two of them about their photos. He is the BOMB…so fun, so kind, and just the right person for my special person. I have enjoyed every minute I’ve spent with these two over the last several weeks and I look for a lot more fun in the future.

I had a tough time deciding what to show you because other than a few blinks here and there, there isn’t a bad photo in the whole lot. I hope you can see all the love and the joy and the happiness that I see in these photos. Huge props to my guy Colin for working his butt off and skipping the UC Bearcats game to help me out. Colin, you know I couldn’t have done it without you! So…enough about me…. let’s get to the fun stuff! A17A4326A17A4334A17A4468A17A4523

I love tears of joy! I certainly had a bunch of my own. It’s a good thing that my camera knows when it’s in focus because I was a teary mess!


We dedicate this blog post to Peter and Monica ~ who introduced these two special people to each other!


Can you believe the weather?  This is November in Cincinnati…. amazing!!!


Today is Debbie’s birthday. Happy Birthday Deb and I hope you and Russell have all the love and happiness that you both so deserve! I love you both and your awesome families too! xoxox b

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