Emily F ~ Mariemont High School Class of 2017 | Cincinnati Portrait Photographer

Happy Monday everybody and I am so excited to say that now that we’re in the middle of October, the leaves are finally starting to change! It’s so nice to see some fall color and feel some cool fall temperatures again! Isn’t October just the best? I think so.

Today I’m posting the first session where I can really see a difference in the coloring. Hooray! Today’s session features Emily F, who is a senior at Mariemont High School. I’m not going to say that Emily is really awesome, not that she isn’t (because she absolutely is…oh I couldn’t help myself!), but all my seniors are really awesome human beings!

Emily is very involved both in and out of school. At school, she’s in DECA (the business club), Key Club, and she’s a senior class officer. She also runs cross country. Outside of school, she’s an accomplished pianist, is the treasure of her Girl Scout troop, and is active in her church youth group. She loves to read, bake, shop for killer deals (like the blue lace dress she’s wearing below!), loves dogs, and loves being outside doing things like canoeing and hiking.  Emily is the youngest of two girls and shares her home with her parents and her black lab Sadie.  Next year Emily is looking to study business and marketing in college. She loves Taylor Swift and drives her friends crazy with her love of Christmas music (just like me!). Her favorite movies are A Cinderella Story and Captain America and her favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

We didn’t quite finish up Emily’s session because we not only ran out of time, but couldn’t get to Washington Park because President Clinton (the Bill version) was there!  But here’s a taste of what we have so far. Thanks Emily for being so great and so much fun!


News flash ~ this photo below is NOT EMILY. There were tons of ducks at Eden Park when we were there and I swear they were laughing at us. This one was very sassy and a big flirt. Look at his beak ~ doesn’t it look like a dog’s face?



Have a great day!


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