Hannah & Daniel’s Very Moody Fall Wedding | Mason Ohio

I am not a wedding photographer. It was never my intention nor my goal to be a wedding photographer. But sometimes strange things happen in life that just take you in a direction that you didn’t see yourself before. The arrival of COVID-19 into our lives in early 2020 and winning some unexpected local awards have changed my photo business in a profound way. For one, I rarely find myself shooting senior portraits much anymore. I am doing many more family shoots these days, as well as engagements and small weddings. I have shot four weddings in 2021, and each has been so very unique and special and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. What a joy and a blessing to be a part of such an important day.

Today I bring you the moody and misty wedding of Hannah and Daniel. Hannah was one of my seniors from Mason High School, back in the summer of 2014. When I heard that she and Daniel were engaged, I was hoping she’d ask me to shoot her wedding, and lucky me, she did!

Hannah and Daniel had a very specific point of view and vibe that they wanted from their wedding pics, which was super fun for me, because dark and moody is generally SO much the opposite of what my work is known for. I do LOVE a photoshop challenge, however, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these pretty pixels.

Content warning….lots of hilarity and goofball photos. While the weather may have been dark and gloomy, the atmosphere was anything but. So please excuse some of the silly photos that are included in this post. Another warning, there are a LOT of photos here, so roll with it people.

Huge thanks to the Bride and Groom, Hannah and Daniel for their faith in me to make their vision come to life, their son Oliver for being my high school assistant-to-be in the next decade or so, and for the Sloan and Muskopf families for their support and never ending laughter! There is no party like a Sloan party.

So, here goes…..get ready, this post packs a lot of pixels.

So here’s to love, ‘yall! Congratulations Hannah and Daniel (and Oliver too, of course!).

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