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One of the best parts about winter break is that my “portrait alumni” come home from college. It’s always fun to catch up with them and see what they’re up to.  This past weekend I got to spend a few hours with Elysse (aka Woo) who has always been a blast to get in front of the lens.  We got to take advantage of a beautiful December day with the camera, some manditory Starbucks, a lot of catching up, and about 500 frames of digital media!

Woo pledged Chi Omega this past fall, so she took me to the Chi O house which is so cute and full of so much charm (I’m a Tri Delt, but have a bunch of Chi O friends, so I completely approve, with nods to my Pi Phi friends as well!).  After that we hit Nippert Stadium on the University of Cincinnati campus which is undergoing renovation (but we rocked it anyways!), and some local pretty spots.  Along the way, a pair of ginger haired golden retrievers decided to join our party. I think they liked the matching red hair…..and how could they not?

So anyways, what I thought was my last shoot of 2013 wasn’t, but this was.  Unless somebody calls me tomorrow.  Anything’s possible, right?


“If you’ve dated a redhead raise your glass, if not . . . raise your standards.”
~ unknown ~

(for what it’s worth, my first love was a ginger….)

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