Into the Deep End..

“There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.”

~ Amy Poehler ~

Yeah, that’s right! This has been one heck of a senior season, so after a while I might as well laugh. First there was The Great Poison Ivy Attack of 2016 in July. In August, I accidentally wiped out another lovely lady’s session because of a card mix-up. The weather has been utterly ridiculous ~ it’s either pouring like a monsoon or it’s Africa hot.

But the best was this past weekend when I stepped backwards to frame a shot during Gabby’s senior session at her lovely grandma’s back yard and went backwards into the swimming pool.

Woman falling into pool holding a drink

Now granted, I wasn’t wearing a red dress and kitten heels, and instead of a drink, I had my camera in my hand. My first thought when I felt myself going in was to SAVE THE CAMERA GEAR. So instinct took over and I was going down, I tried to jump forward like a fish flopping on to a dock and chuck my camera to my assistant Clara. The problem with that is that I wear a cross body strap, so my camera couldn’t escape me. The good news is that while my camera is a bit scraped, it’s completely fine and functional. Me on the other hand ~ well, not so much. I literally hit the deck about half in and half out of the pool. I didn’t think much of it at the time, other than being embarrassed and relieved that I did indeed save my camera! Clara kept looking at me like “hmmmmmmmm….but that ELBOW!” but I wasn’t listening. So I finished the shoot, completely soaked from head to toe, and went on to do another shoot in the afternoon. Of course it poured again for that one (we shot at the studio instead).

Fast forward about six hours later and I’m thinking it might be a good idea to get some medical attention. Turns out I have some mighty messed up ribs, a bruised knee, a sprained pinkie finger on my right hand, and a messed up arm with eight stitches in my elbow. I feel like I’ve been through Marine boot camp with no physical fitness benefits to make up for the pain. Oh well, it could have been worse!

Big thanks to Clara, Gabby, Gabby’s Grandma, her aunt Bethany (who helped with her entire shoot!), and Ari who put up with more monsoon rain and my injured self later in the day. Fortunately, I’m now on a vacation that’s been planned for a while and I’m looking forward to recuperating near the ocean with a good book and a beach chair. The irony is that by falling into the pool and hurting myself, now I can’t swim for ten days. Bah! Oh well, you might as well just laugh, right?

“When you can laugh at yourself, you are free.”

~ Ted Yoder ~

….Stay tuned, Jonathan U’s sneak peeks are coming up later. I might not be able to move around very well, but I can still edit LIKE A BOSS.

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