Jack S ~ Mariemont High School Class of 2014 | Mariemont Senior Portrait Photographer

Most people who schedule a session look forward to it, well I keep telling myself that.  But meet Jack S. Jack is my favorite apprehensive senior. From when his awesome mom booked his appointment for his photos way back last February, she warned me that he was going into this basically kicking and screaming.

Of course it doesn’t help that thanks to weather and some family issues, he had to be rescheduled three times before we got the job done.  Fortunately, we made his session “short and sweet” and hopefully pretty painless for him.  I give Jack huge props for being a good sport, and as you’ll see in a minute, it was an hour that was well worth it. His pics turned out GREAT!  You’d never know that this kind of thing is just not his cup of tea, because he really rocked it.  One great thing about getting rescheduled a bunch is that we got to take advantage of the peak of the fall color. It was beautiful! 

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