Lauren C ~ Mariemont High School Class of 2017

Here’s another sneak peek from my fabulous Mariemont High School senior, Lauren!

Lauren is an avid soccer player who also loves running track. She’s a big dog lover (hooray!) and is a big Disney fan. In fact, she just got back from a family vacation at Disney World. This summer is keeping her really busy with college visits, soccer workouts, and also working at her grandfather’s insurance agency.

I love my busy seniors and I’m glad that they have time to squeeze me into their busy schedule!  Thanks Lauren, it was a delight working with you and your lovely family!

A17A0959A17A1075A17A1195A17A1287A17A1471A17A1486A17A1595A17A1654A17A1674A17A1724Thanks Lauren for being so awesome!

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