Mac L – Mariemont High School Class of 2015

I think I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this year is a season of split sessions.  I’ve been holding back on showing my senior sneak peeks because while I’ve photographed quite a few, for most of them, we have more to do.  Weather, family plans, sports, locations, etc. have all played a factor.

Well I’m tired of holding back until all the shooting is finished and I want to show you these lovely people!  So let’s get on with it. Today it’s Mac from Mariemont. Mac has been a family friend since he was a very little tyke. Well he’s all grown up now and breaking all kinds of swimming records!  He and I will be doing some pool shots in the very near future which is why I was holding back his senior shots, but I’m not holding back any longer.  You’ll just get more Mac later, and that’s a great thing!

Mother Nature has NOT been kind to this year’s senior class…rain rain rain, or 95 degrees and humidity high enough to melt Anna’s frozen heart. For most of Mac’s session, we were dodging rain. It wasn’t until we hit the horse paddock that the sun came out, and then the humidity came along too.  Thanks Mac for being a good sport!

This first b&w shot was not even intended to be a real pic, just a light test.  Turns out, I love it!  Sometimes my outtakes end up being some of my favorite shots!





When you shoot in a horse paddock, you never know what you’re going to find (or step in!). Fortunately, Mac found a horseshoe. Good luck? I hope so!  At least the rainy weather cleared up!

The next session with Mac will be in the POOL. I hope I don’t drown, but if I do, he can save me (save the camera first, Mac!).  Mac, I hope you like your pics!

  • Chris Lewis - Hi Barb! Love, love, love these pictures and love you! Each is my favorite! Most of all, thanks for making Mac feel special! He really enjoyed the shoot!ReplyCancel

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