Madison T ~ Mariemont High School Class of 2017

For me, there’s nothing more fun than putting up sneak peeks at the end of a long week. TGIF!

Today I have Madison T. from the Class of 2017 at Mariemont High School. Madison is another one of my outdoorsy ladies of the class of 2017! She has a big love of learning about history and science and is looking to study nursing in college. I know that given her kind caring spirit and sharp scientific mind, she’s going to be such a wonderful nurse in the near future!  At school, Madison is the secretary of the senior class and is involved in Key Club, United for Uganda, and Latin Club. Madison has a very loving and giving soul. This summer she went on a service mission with several other classmates to Nicaragua. Outside of school she loves being at the horse barn and spending time riding and being with her horses. She really loves reading too. Her favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough, but she loves them all!

I really love horses, so it was such a treat going to the stables with Madison and spending time with her and one of her beloved horses, Betsy, who is one of the elder ladies at the barn. Since it’s horsefly season and Betsy isn’t easily spooked by the flies, she got to star in the photos with Madison. I loved meeting Betsy and as you can see in the photos, she had some attitude and personality to share with my camera as well!

A17A9831-2A17A9859A17A9877A17A9957A17A9974A17A0020A17A0265-2A17A0277A17A0309A17A0334A17A0359A17A0436A17A0445A17A0498A17A0535Thanks to Bridle Run Stables in Batavia for giving us the opportunity to hang out with the horses and take a few photos!


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