Mariemont High School Prom 2014 | Cincinnati Portrait Photographer

Whew, it’s been a whirlwind week, that’s for sure.  Now that the weather has finally changed for the better, I have hit the ground running with FIVE shoots in the past week!

Last Monday, I started out with Peter T, whose awesome pics will be up here on Wednesday.  Then it was Mariemont Prom, then Madeira Prom with my Prom Contest winners, then a group of hilarious Turpin Prom goers, followed by a fun Mom/Daughters shoot yesterday in Eden Park.  The weather was GREAT this week, so I thank Mother Nature for showing us the best of spring here in the Cincinnati area.

So here goes…Mariemont Prom!


Swimmers!  First prom, then pool in a few short weeks!


Mason and Grant were my prom contest winners ~ they had two proms in two days, so you’ll see more of them in the Madeira session shots!  Mason also was crowned Prom Queen 😀


The lovely young ladies below are three of my models for the Class of 2015 ~ Maddie, Haley, and Julia.


Such fun to see everybody all dressed up!  If you are interested in any individual photos, please contact me. I’m giving them away, so don’t hesitate to ask!

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