Ryan H – Fairfield High School Class of 2014 | Cincinnati Senior Portrait Photographer

More sneak peeks on the way.

Meet Ryan H. Ryan is a 2014 senior at Fairfield High School. Like most of my seniors, Ryan is a sporty guy with a flair for the arts, only in his case, his practice field is often a parking lot!  I was blown away by what he can do on a skateboard. Awesome. I think it’s really cool that he wanted his senior pics to show what he loves ~ that’s what I want for everybody who I take photos for. I want their passions and personalities to shine through, and in Ryan’s pics, I know we nailed it.

Ryan booked one of my “over the top” packages, so I’m not done with him yet.  We’re doing his “part two” later today at a new location that I’ve never visited before and I’m super excited about it.  You’ll see those shots next week.

Speaking of locations, we went to one really “skeevy” place that was suggested to me by another local photographer friend.  Talk about grungy ~ I don’t even want to think about what might go down in that place when the sun goes down, but we basically didn’t touch anything and Ryan really rocked it! Thanks to Michael Lacey for the suggestion, it was worth checking out for sure.

It probably sounds like a broken record by now, but big props to Colin again for his awesome fisheye shots, especially the ones right below, which I love SO much.

  • Jen - Wowsers! Super fun and you rock that fish eye like no one else! Perfect for such a cool a high school skater!! Love the whole vibe here!ReplyCancel

  • Andie Smith - love these!ReplyCancel

  • jeri - These are so fun and I love all the bright colors!ReplyCancel

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