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Happy Tuesday friends and it’s even more happier for me when I can show you some purdy pics from one of my favorite families ever! I have been taking pics for the McG’s for several years now. All of our shoots are unique and they always look so great! The boys were really excited to tell me about their new clothes from Vineyard Vines, and as you’ll see, they look so handsome!  And can we talk about how quickly time flies? It seems like just yesterday that I was taking baby E’s newborn portraits and now here she is nearly two and sassy as ever!  a17a2193lm-100lm-104lm-111lm-117lm-118lm-131lm-145lm-155lm-158lm-164lm-185lm-192

I gave the boys an opportunity to take pics with my camera and they did an awesome job!  Q took this one of his big brother, isn’t it great?


And C took these two of his mom and sister. Awesome job!  I think I have my future assistants locked down.


Thank you M family for being as fun and delightful as ever!  Love you all!

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