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“Barb met us on a 20 degree day after a 5 inch snowfall to photograph my family outside.  I don’t know how she does it – but somehow we laughed the entire time and it was an incredible family bonding experience for all of us.  My 5 month old baby and my 20 month old daughter cooperated beautifully because of Barb Hogan’s flexibility and ability to work with people of all ages.  We can’t wait to have Barb photograph another family session.  Thanks Barb!”  ~ Ally ~

“I have had the pleasure of meeting many fantastic Mariemont families while growing up as a Mariemont Warrior. Mrs. Hogan stands out in particular because she truly wants to help people. She knew me from my musical involvement at MHS and always asked how things are going and if there is anything she can help with. That is exactly why I knew she would be perfect for taking my senior pictures. Aside from her brilliant eye for photography, she leaves it up to the student to make the most of the experience. She let me make my own decisions, choose an atmosphere, pick outfits, and develop my own personality. I could not have had a better time exploring Cincinnati with her and capturing moments at a special time of my life. I will look back on the pictures and remember how I was. Not just what I looked like, but my inner personality. Mrs. Hogan balances being personable and professional in an endearing way. The bottom line is that she brings a warming aspect to photography that cannot be matched.”  ~ Ryan, Class of 2013 ~ 

“Working with Barb was a dream come true to a parent of a ‘I don’t understand why I have to get my picture taken’ kid.  Barb is so outgoing and puts everyone at ease.  She was born to be around high school children.  She finds common ground, with the kids, through all of her life experiences and always ends up having some similar interests with them.  She is always the optimist and very flexible.  Not only did she accomplish getting some excellent photos of our reluctant child but hit it off with us and a new friendship has been formed.  My next child can’t wait to have photos done with Barb  and is already talking about doing something in photography from what has been observed with Barb.  That is a true testimonial about Barb’s personality and character, when she is influencing an individual that hasn’t even worked with her but has witness how she interacts with her subjects.  I feel very fortunate to have had Barb fall into our lives.  She is a true gem!”  ~ Denise ~

“Some photographers are good, but Barb is great. Hands down. She considers the individual or group she is photographing from a very personal perspective: Who are they? What is the vibe? Feel? Story that needs to be told? She has a gift of visualizing outside the box and finds unusual, graphic environments that completely bring out some aspect of the subject(s). The result is that her work has an amazing creative range of mood, color and composition and personal expression that elevate it from “nice portrait” to Art with a capital A.”    ~ Karen ~

“They say people come into your lives for a reason. I would say I am a firm believer in this saying, especially when it comes to Barb Hogan. Our family met her, not as a photographer, but merely as our daughter admiring her dog at a local community concert put on by our teens. Barb and our daughter hit it off right from the start. When it was time for our daughter’s senior pictures, Barb captured our daughter in the most beautiful elegant frame. The settings were so imaginative and creative. Barb clearly was passionate in her work.

I guess to continue this testimony I must tell you that I have battled cancer more than once, been cancer free and now again am battling this dreaded disease. When I received the news that cancer had struck me again. I thought to myself, ‘We have not had a family photo in seven years!’ I called Barb to check on some pricing to do so. She was so sensitive to our financial situation and had a solution. Barb is a photographer for the Magic Hour Foundation, an organization that provides photography for cancer families. I thought ‘of course she is a part of this organization.’ To know her, you would understand why I am saying so…. Read on and you will get to know her through my eyes and heart.

The day of our family photo shoot could not be any more perfect. The photo shoot was outdoors. We had had a mild winter, but on this day, it decided to snow. How perfect was this? Barb brought us blankets, she even carried a wicker bench for us to sit on. (She had picked this up at a flea market just for this shoot). That’s Barb, always going that extra mile! She and Colin Baker (her assistant) made the shoot so much fun. I am not sure who had the most fun? Barb was climbing a ladder and laying in the snow getting those perfect shots. My husband and our three girls had a snowball fight We laughed, something I hadn’t heard in a long time.

The day our photos arrived, all I could do was cry. To see what Barb had captured was so amazing to me. Seeing my beautiful family, the love, the pain, the fear behind their smiles. It was all so surreal to me. The pictures were beautiful. She captured their true selves. Barb made my family feel so comfortable, they did not have to put on ‘their fake smiles’, she brought out their real ones. Ones I hadn’t seen in a while. At that moment I thought, ‘she is more than just a photographer, she is truly in touch with people and their individual situations.’

Here we are today, and I will say, our relationship has blossomed. Barb did not end our communication because our business had ended. Our friendship has grown and I believe Barb Hogan cannot have enough friends in her life time. She never meets a stranger. She is the most compassionate person I have ever met. She has a passion for her work. She is truly an artist. Many photographers look to create something before they shoot. Perhaps a thought or dream in their head they want to see in whatever the content of their frame. For me, Barb was different. What we experienced that day, and I think our daughter’s time with her also, was not to create but to capture a moment. To let the simple beauty of her subjects and their actions be reflected in the photographs she created. All this while maintaining a respect for us, her subjects, and allowing the expressions to flow from us and not her own preconceptions.”      ~ Kathy ~

“We had the opportunity to work with Barb twice–once for my daughter’s senior portraits, and again for her prom. Both times, the pictures were incredibly gorgeous! We aren’t from Cincinnati, but Barb had the perfect locations picked out for the senior session. Despite the fact that it was nearly 100 degrees, the session was really fun…she totally put my daughter at ease, which led to beautiful, natural photos. Prom rocked–it was awesome having her there to catch all the perfect shots so I could relax and enjoy myself. Again, the photos turned out amazing, and Barb created a photo book for us that is truly a work of art!”  ~ Terri ~

“Working with Mrs. Hogan was a FUN experience. She was also efficient, did a wonderful job and produced a quality picture.”   ~ Sam, Class of 2014 ~

“I knew my son was in good hands when it came to his senior pictures. Barb Hogan has a creative eye for making the subject shine . Barb also goes the extra mile in getting  photographic equipment to remote and unique locations, gets her clients to relax  and have fun while posing for hundreds of shots, and makes sure the finished product is absolutely perfect. The only challenge?  Picking which photographs to order from all of the fantastic proofs!”  ~ Wendy ~

“Barb is a true artist with a true heart. She gave me the best senior pictures I could have possibly asked for. She encouraged me to try daring locations and cool outfits that made my pictures unique and simply fun! And she has provided amazing pictures from productions at Mariemont High School that will let me and the rest of the casts remember those shows fondly. She makes people feel beautiful and helps capture their essence through her work. Anybody that sees her work knows how stunning it is. And it only reflects the photographer, stunning inside and out. Barb is an incredibly hard worker and a joy to work with. I would recommend her for any and every occasion. Thanks for all your beautiful work, Barb!”    ~ Emma, Class of 2013 ~


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