Sara S – Head Shots & Turtles & Bullfrogs, Oh My!

Andy and I met Sara and David at a friend’s wedding back in the winter. It was one of those weddings where we didn’t know anybody other than the bride and groom and some family members when we walked in, but went home feeling like we had 8 new best friends. We had the BEST table ever!  Sara and David were at our table and we all hit it off right away.

Unfortunately for us, when we met them, they were starting the process of a huge adventure – moving their family across the country to the Oregon coast! David is an amazing wine maker, and needless to say, The Ohio Valley just isn’t the place to perfect those mad skillz of his, so as of today, they’ve sold and closed on their house and they’re leaving here for good in just a few days. David will be working at a winery, and Sara will be continuing her marketing and editing work.  In the meantime, she needed head shots for her website. I’m glad too, because it gave me a chance to see her before they blow this place for good.

We picked our spot, and like all of my shots of late, it didn’t go as planned. As soon as I pulled into our location, it started to pour. That was okay, however, it gave us some time to chat and the rain was short lived.

Sara’s a natural, she was super relaxed (as you’ll soon see) and taking her pics was super easy and fun.  She was always willing to give me some attitude too.

What we didn’t expect was our audience of bullfrogs and turtles.  They gave me some attitude as well!  Most of the bullfrogs went leaping into the pond as soon as we got close, but there were a few that were waiting for their closeup.

Then the turtles decided to show up. It was a party, I’m telling you.

Sara, thanks for being a good sport and best wishes for your BIG move cross-country. I don’t know that I’d have the courage to do what you do.

We’re going to miss you all when you’re gone, and we can’t wait to visit.  I bet there are bullfrogs in Oregon too!

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