Joe & Ayanna’s Wedding | Kingsville, Maryland

If you’ve follow my blog or my photography work over the years, you know that I am not a wedding photographer. However, like I tell people, occasionally I will bust out my lenses to help document special days for very special people.

Yesterday was one of those days, as I flew to beautiful Baltimore County, Maryland to be a part of the special day for two very special people, Joe and Ayanna. The wedding was small, intimate, full of special moments and lots and lots of laughs.

One of the coolest parts of this trip is that the host and hostess of this phenomenal day were my friends Wendy and Rick Z. Wendy is one of my “Internet Sisters”, one of many women that I met about 26 years ago on AOL message boards. There’s about 30 of us and we’ve all been through a lot over the years…marriages, divorces, family and professional challenges, and sadly, even a few deaths. Ironically, while I have managed to meet many of my Internet Sisters, I had never met Wendy and her family, after all this time, that was really weird and long overdue! So here I am, hanging out and trash talking with my Baltimore Ravens loving friend (the Bengals play the Ravens this evening). So anyway, meeting everybody in person after all these years only made the weekend ever more special for me.

Enough about me, however. Here are some sneak peaks from their special day. There were so many goodies, that it was really hard to limit it to a few. So join me in wishing Joe, Ayanna, their sweet baby Elliot, and all of their wonderful family and friends many blessings!

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