About Colin

Hi, my name is Colin Baker. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, and currently am a student at The University of Cincinnati, where I’m studying Organizational Leadership and specializing in business management and international business.

My interest in photography sprung from my love for shooting and editing video, a passion I picked up in my high school Digital Video courses, which were instructed by the one and only Larry Goetz. I received a Canon REBEL T3i for Christmas in 2011 and have been shooting ever since. 

I started my own business as an umbrella for all of the different types of work I do, called Day and Age Media. Two of my videos have been nominated in the past for ICRC Blue Chip awards and… That’s it! Hopefully I’ll have more awards to come in the future.

Barb and I met as a product of my procrastination. I waited far too long to get my senior pictures done and I asked her if she could do them since she advertised that she was still doing shoots for seniors. About half way through my shoot we hit it off, talking about photography and my major in college. After my shoot, I helped her with another senior session that day and the rest is history. These days, our relationship is very symbiotic. We benefit from each other’s perspective on many subjects and I push her to grow her business while she pushes me to improve my technical skills.

I am a brother of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Delta Lambda Chapter and a member of the chapter’s executive board. I bleed Red and Black and a member of the executive board of the University of Cincinnati Rally Cats, the premiere on-campus student spirit organization. I’m also an avid fan of hot and interesting cars, old or exotic. I am a Divemaster in training at Underwater World, Inc., a local dive shop. I help to instruct students and ensure their safety during dives. Don’t be surprised if some of my photos are from the nether depths of the ocean!


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