Debbie is a Downer

Greetings from wet and windy South Florida! People often ask us why we travel to Florida every summer, and we tell them that it’s to escape the heat and dry weather in Cincinnati. Well, that’s certainly true this year, as we wait out the rain and the winds on the outer bands of Tropical Storm Debbie while Cincinnati cooks like a brownie in an Easy Bake Oven.


The worst thing about all this are the three words….SLOW MOVING STORM. At this point I’m thinking that I may not get one half day on our lovely beach this year. I wish I was a surfer, however, because the waves are nothing short of stupendous. I’ve never seen the waves here look like this.

I brought my good camera gear down this year, but I have to admit that it’s just easier to whip out the iPhone most of the time. However, in the middle of an impressive storm squall yesterday, the satellite went out and interrupted my viewing of the Olympic trials, so I went out onto the balcony with my real camera to try and take some pics of the impressive lightening. I missed some good lightning shots, but I did manage to get this shot:


Once our TV was back up, I realized that this pic was the badass tornado that passed right over our condo. Cool photo, but NOT exactly the lovely beach photos that I was hoping for this week.

Shannon brought her BFF with us this year and I picked her up at the airport yesterday, right as one hellacious storm band hit. I’ve never had the pleasure of driving in hurricane rain before. Let’s just say I can cross that off my bucket list now and move on! But all is fine and the girls are certainly having a blast and making the best of the bad weather, better than I am for sure.

Today’s itinerary is beach and finish book#1 of about 5 planned for the trip. I’ll finish the book, but the beach will probably not happen. Looks like another day of stalking The Weather Channel and laughing at weather stud Jim Cantori’s bulging biceps. And for those who think I’m being awfully whiny as they shuffle to work on this Monday, trust me, I’m not! I’d rather be cooped up in a condo in the middle of a tropical storm than at home doing the usual. But I do miss my dogs.

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