Gabby H ~ Mariemont High School Class of 2017 | Cincinnati Portrait Photographer

It’s been over a week since I took my tumble into the pool, and while I have a lot of sneak peeks to show you, this week hasn’t been without its ups and downs as well, so I’m a bit behind. If there is ever a good time to take a much needed vacation, it’s right after you take a hard fall and bust up your body. Fortunately, we had a long planned trip scheduled and so I flew to Florida last Wednesday for a little rest and relaxation.

Of course my bad luck continued as some dude playing Fast and Furious hit my rental car at a high rate of speed on I-95 on the way to our condo. Thankfully, I was fine. The car wasn’t though and it took me all of the next day to make that right, but we got it taken care of. Since then, I’ve had nothing but computer problems….SO!

Here we go. I am FINALLY ready to post Gabby! Gabby is so much fun and so laid back ~ which is great when your photographer takes a dunk into the deep end of the pool!  She’s a fun loving and caring soul who loves kids, dogs, and her friends, and hopes to take care of others as a nurse in the future. Right now she works at Chipotle and is a nanny after school. She loves her dog Miley, all sorts of pop music, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!







Thank you Gabby for being so awesome!

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