Grace B – McAuley High School Class of 2017 | Cincinnati Portrait Photographer

Hey friends…as promised, the awesome Class of 2017 keeps on rolling!

Today I’m introducing Grace B., a lovely senior lady from McAuley High School. Grace is such a kind hearted soul, and a forgiving one too, as I initially did her shoot about a month ago and then then accidentally dorked up the SD card that had her whole session. I have a very specific routine that I go through when I get home from a shoot and I was so distracted by the Olympic swimmers, I didn’t follow my routine and it ended up in disaster. I’ll just blame it on Ryan Lochte. But in all seriousness, Grace and her mom were exceptionally kind and totally game for a “do-over” and I sincerely appreciate that.

At McAuley, Grace is involved with the Fearless Group, the Hello Club, and is in a service organization. She loves reading, photography (yay!) and English. Next year she hopes to major in Photography (yay) and English with minors in Graphic Design and Business….yes, another over-achiever! I love that!

Grace, I hope you pics capture the beautiful sweet soul that radiates from the inside out! And just as an aside…Grace had her hair and makeup done for both sessions and she looked amazing. Her stylist is Erin Crotty and her number is 513.317.3231. She has her own salon, so she’s flexible on styling times too, which is awesome, so if you are interested in hair and makeup before your session, be sure to give Erin a ring. I can tell you she does a beautiful job.


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