JD Wins! | Mariemont High School Class of 2023

Being election week, here in Ohio there’s been a lot of talk of a guy who goes by JD. Well I am celebrating my favorite JD….my cousin JD Long, who is a senior at Mariemont High School!

JD is the last of four Long siblings and I can’t believe that the baby of the family is all grown up! I remember his parents’ wedding as if it were just a year or two ago….

I also can’t believe that it was nearly 80 degrees when I took these photos recently. Today I finished these edits and there’s two inches of snow on the ground and it’s still coming down hard as I write this. I guess we are wrapping up the most spectacular fall season that I can remember in a very long time with an early arrival of winter. Here’s a throwback to some beautiful fall sunshine and color that was here just a few hours ago….literally.

It is a privilege to be asked to take photos of anyone, but when it’s your family, it’s extra fun and extra special! Many thanks to JD, Wendy, Greg, Max, Sam, Julia, and Gus and Oscar (of course!) for being so awesome!

Here’s my sweet, sporty, outdoorsey, awesome and very handsome cousin JD!

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