Magic Hour Foundation – Revisited | Cincinnati Portrait Photographer

A while ago I introduced you to the Magic Hour Foundation – a non profit organization and network of professional photographers around the country (and soon around the world!) who provide photography services to cancer patients, survivors, and their families. Being selected to be a part of this organization has been such a blessing to me. I feel like I’ve found a strong purpose for my photography and a way to actually make a difference in the lives of those who have to endured so much.

I know I’ve posted about it before, but I wanted to remind you all that if you or if you have family or friends who are dealing with the realities of a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, we’d love to do this for you. You can nominate yourself or a loved one for a session HERE.

I hope you’ll do it – for yourself or for somebody you love.  Because in reality, today is really all any of us have, whether we have cancer or not.  Seize the day.


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