Merry Christmas to All!

I can’t believe that it’s been a month since I’ve updated here, but on the other hand, I can. Things have been crazy busy for me, especially this fall, and it starts to sound like a familiar holiday song, so I’ll try to say it by the numbers.  This has been my 2015…..

75,000+ photos
56 new clients
32 first communion kids
28 seniors

15 custom holiday card designs
14 custom books
12 model team members
8 different high schools
6 different states
5 commercial clients
4 high school prom shoots
3 out of town trips
3 theatre productions
2 new assistants
2 boudoir shoots
2 special weddings
…and Alice in Wonderland (and The White Rabbit too!)

So this has basically been my year by the numbers and I have some exciting new news for 2016 that I can’t share for a bit yet, but it’s coming soon. I am the luckiest girl alive. To say I’m blessed just doesn’t cover it, I’m so very grateful and very fortunate and I want to thank all of my clients, both new and veteran for the opportunity to work with you and your families. It’s a joy to get to know you all and I really appreciate you welcoming me into your home.  My special seniors know how much I love them too, that’s never been a secret for sure.

I also want to thank my fabulous assistants, Colin (with whom I could not have survived these past few weeks without), and Amanda and Clara who are always willing to step up. They’re all the best and I love them like they’re my own!  I could thank a bazillion other people too like Kim Richardson, Liz McGahey, Mary Beth Khamis, Chris Lewis, Comfort Wendel, Michael Lacey, Ally and Jim Cohen, Dave and Connie Laug, Debbie Whittelsey Sims and Russell Sims, Sally Vianello, Denise Scholtz, The Honorable Jill Eichenwald Cornwell, Laura Bence, Kristin Medlin, Ken and Robin Carley, Mike and Missy Wood, Kristin Romell, Andrea Chamberlain, Wendy Long, Andy and Mauri Hogan, my awesome 2015 model team, and I’m sure a bunch of people that I’ve missed. It’s people like you who keep this train moving in the right direction and I’m so grateful.

And so with that, I’ve decided to take some much needed time off until Monday, January 4th.  I still haven’t baked or finished my shopping and this is appalling to me so I need to get some stuff done. Now I’m off to go finish dinner and bake some cookies.

“May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire.”

~ irish blessing ~

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