Scenes from Over the Rhine ~ Then and Now

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about shooting in Over the Rhine (OTR) lately. The area to the north of downtown used to be a place to be feared, but over the last decade has evolved into one of the most trendy and lively spots around Cincinnati. Old colorful architecture, modern new construction, vibrant colors, and the steadfast landmarks like Music Hall and Findlay Market make it just a happy place to be.

Six years ago, when I’d go to OTR for sessions, I had to be careful about pieces of wood falling off crumbling structures, needles and horrible things under foot, and keep a keen eye on my surroundings. I even remember my mother in law telling me that she didn’t like the idea of me “going down there”. I was never scared, ever. The people there are and always have been friendly, enthusiastic, and happy that you greet them with a smile and a hello. I’ll be the first to admit that I miss those truly grungy days, with the old signs painted on the walls, old piles of colorful bricks, and my favorite murals that were on buildings that no longer exist.

So anyways, since i’ve had people ask me about OTR photography, I thought I’d share some of my favorites over the last several years. The first photo is the winning entry in the 2011 Cincinnati  Kelby Photo Walk which got entered into the world wide contest. I didn’t win the world wide contest, but I was thrilled to have won the Cincinnati contest amongst about 75 other professional photographers who participated.


I hope you enjoy these!

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