The Awakening of Sleepy Hollow

Hi Friends!  Welcome back to my much neglected blog. You know the old saying…“Make hay while the sun shines”?  Well I’ve been trying to make a lot of hay before the weather truly turned bad, and that day was TODAY.  I promise that I have SO many things to share with you coming up very soon, but until then I’ve been really busy trying to squeeze in a ton of sessions while I still can.

For now, however, I’m over-the-moon-happy to share with you a video I made from this past weekend’s performance of The Awakening of Sleepy Hollow at Mariemont High School.  The show was written and directed by Carol Brammer and performed by a superbly talented cast of young actors at MHS. I hope you like my video as much as I liked the show!  Without further ado…..  oh WAIT!  Be sure to click on HD for the best viewing 😀

If you are interested in seeing all the individual photos, click here for all the show photos, including bows and wider shots from opening night:  The Awakening of Sleepy Hollow



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