Emily F Sneak Peeks and Senior Models 2013

It’s my pleasure to bring you sneak peeks of my first Senior Model for 2013!  I’m really excited that I have a great group of seniors coming up this year, and Emily F. was right on top of things, getting started this past week.

Emily is a senior at Walnut Hills High School and hopes to study film at NYU next year. She’s pretty fierce in front of the camera, so I can only imagine what she could do behind a camera! I’m so excited to have such bright and creative seniors working with me this summer!

Emilly lives in Hyde Park and the original plan was to start at Hyde Park Square, but when we got there, the sprinklers were going off in every direction, and some clown had thrown a bunch of Tide in the fountain.  That wasn’t going to work, so we headed to the Overlook at Eden Park instead.

When we got to Eden Park, the duck pond was drained! I had never seen THAT happen before.  Needless to say, it felt like nothing was going right, but thanks to Emily and her laid back attitude, we made it work.

Heading up to Mount Adams was fun, as she’d never really been up there before so it was fun finding great spaces in such a funky, quirky place.

So while our shoot started out a bit soggy, it ended up bright and fun! Emily, I hope you like your sneak peeks!

Now, as for my other seniors this year, I’m happy to announce my other models for 2012/2013.  It’s the year of the E’s!

From Mariemont High School:

Ryan Fine

Emma Welch

Peter Laug

From Mason High School:

Emily Kenney

* * * * *

Congrats to the most awesome seniors ever – I can’t wait to do your photos this summer!

Tune in on Thursday for the story of my photo shoot that was full of bull (bullFROGS, that is!).


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