Ethan K ~ Mariemont High School Class of 2017 | Cincinnati Portrait Photographer

Happy Weekend everybody!  I’m back today with more beautiful fall color with Ethan K from Mariemont High School!

Ethan is a sweetheart. He keeps busy at school with Book Club, Art Club, New Voices, and Potterology and likes to hang out with his pals after school. Just like many of his classmates this week, he’s busy with college apps, hoping to attend Miami, University of Denver, Case Western, University of Colorado, Chapman University, or University of Kentucky. Ethan is the oldest of four. His favorite band is The Offspring and his favorite ice cream is Sea Salt Caramel (good choice!!!).

Thanks for hanging out with me Ethan and good luck on those apps! Now here’s some more pretty fall colors….


Thanks for being so awesome, Ethan!

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