Natalie P ~ Walnut Hills High School Class of 2017

Hello and welcome SEPTEMBER! Here’s hoping that the new month will bring cooler weather!  We actually got a bit of it this weekend and it was a very welcome change from the stupid heat that we’ve been dealing with. Time for another awesomesauce senior today!

Meet Natalie P from the Class of 2017 at Walnut Hills High School. Natalie reminds me so much of Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars!

Natalie is a talented young lady who likes to play classical piano and is a retired but accomplished ballet dancer. At school, she’s co-president of the Culinary Club (yum!), and is involved in Walnut Hills Nut club and Ski Club. When she’s not in school, Natalie loves dogs, reading, tutoring, and babysitting. She hopes to attend a great university and become an environmental engineer.

Natalie’s favorite ice cream is Greater’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip and she’s a devoted One Direction fan!

Thanks for being so awesome Natalie! I hope you like your pics as much as I do!


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