The Livesay Family | Cincinnati Portrait Photographer

Today I get to show you another family from my summer mini session promotion!

Here is the lovely Livesay family. I met Angie several years ago before she was married because I worked with one of her best friends. Angie is a photographer too. It’s always extra special to be asked to take photos of people who do it for others. These three have such a cute family and their sassy three year old Miss E is just bursting with personality. She’s hilarious! I don’t think she was too impressed by me, but she did like the flower I gave her. Take notice people, Miss E will be on Saturday Night Live in 20 years, mark my words!

Big thanks to Angie and Scott and their special little lady Miss E  for being so awesome and helping support other young women around the globe. We really appreciate it! For those of you that might still be interested, I am extending this special through the Thanksgiving holiday.



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