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Last weekend we we landed in Nashville for a long weekend to celebrate the wedding of our dear cousin Jessica to her fabulous fiance’ Tyler. They met in Nashville when Jessica was in graduate school and lived there for a few more years. Time and life have taken them away from The Music City now back to Tyler’s hometown of Baltimore, but they both love their Nashville roots, so it’s where we all gathered last weekend to celebrate their wedding. It was also a nice opportunity for our family to see a lot of Andy’s family that are scattered all over the country.


About a month ago, Lori, the mother of the bride, contacted me to ask if I’d be willing to take some photos while Jessica’s bridal party got their hair and makeup done. The official photographer weren’t arriving until later in the day, so OF COURSE I said yes. I was and still am so honored to be asked to be a part of this special time of the wedding day. It was relaxed, fun, friendly, and full of laughs. There is nothing like a little girl time. Mauri went with me to help of course and the whole afternoon was just so great. Well, the whole weekend was really great, but that time in the hotel with these beautiful ladies was so nice and very special to me.

Instead of my normal sneak peeks, I make a slideshow instead. IntroducingĀ the bridesmaids: Katie, Hillary, Tara, Becca, and Jamie (Tyler’s sister) and the maids of honor, Jessica’s sisters Stephanie and Caroline. The mom of the bride is Lori and of the groom is Robin. The two adorable cow-kids are the ring bearer Rocco and flower girl Carter. Last but not least, here’s to the bride, Jessica Long Bare. Big thanks again to Mauri for coming along and helping me.

I hope you like this as much as I do. If you can, be sure to view on 1080p.


  • M.J.Karch - How wonderful to have a sneak peek into the background of perfection! HUGS! M.J. KarchReplyCancel

  • Denise - Barb and Mauri, this is absolutely beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes! Everyone looked so relaxed and having fun. You captured the moment to a tee!ReplyCancel

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