Purposeful Painting ~ Collaborative Painting for a Good Cause

A few months ago at a party, I met two wonderful people – Mari and Lou Knight. Little did I know at first, that not only did we hit it off great, but Mari and I have a mutual love for painting.

In fact, Mari is the founder of a wonderful organization called Purposeful Painting, which holds painting events and classes to raise money for women who don’t qualify for government assistance, but could still use a bit of help to get through the emergencies and challenges that life presents. Most of these women are single moms who just need a help for things like an unexpected car repair or medical bill. Purposeful Painting helps them and has donated over $30,000 to local women over the last few years.

The painting events are not your typical night of wine and paint, like you find at several brick-and-mortar locations around town, but offer a different approach called Co-Creation Artwork™.  Basically it’s like round-robin painting. We all start on one canvas and after a certain amount of time, we rotate and start working on a different piece that somebody else has started. Most finished works have been painted on by many artists and friends of PP. Purposeful Painting offers events, open Co-Creation painting sessions, and even corporate team building workshops, which have been very well received!

I am honored to now serve on the board of Purposeful Paintings, not to mention have the opportunity to participate in Co-Creation painting. We have partnered this summer with Mr. Dean Gregory and the Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse at their monthly cigar dinner charity functions.  These photos were taken last week at their July dinner. PP-100PP-105PP-115PP-120PP-123

For more information about Purposeful Painting, please contact me directly, or Mari Knight at Purposeful Painting. We’d love to have you join us in the fun for a good cause!

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