Riley H ~ Mariemont High School Class of 2017

Senior season is SO MUCH FUN! Today I have another set of sneak peeks for you.

This is Riley!  Riley is another outdoorsey (is that a word?) adventure girl. I love it that I have a bunch of those this year!  She loves hiking, kayaking, and pretty much doing anything in the great outdoors. She didn’t even mind the hot weather during her shoot!

Riley is a senior at Mariemont High School where she’s involved in Mariemont Girls United, a club that empowers young woman (yay!!!), New Voices and Photography Club. In the future, she’d like to be an English teacher, a nurse, or something to do with business.

Her favorite ice cream is chocolate because as she told me ~ you just can’t beat the classics!

As you will see, Riley’s inner light shines bright! She’s just a joy!


Can you believe how  blue the Eden Park lake was today? I didn’t crank the color up ~ this was the way it was today! Wild, but I love it!

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