Sneak Peeks – the Dietz Family

I just love doing family photo shoots, especially when I love the family that I’m shooting!  This family is no exception.

I met many of the Dietzes last year as my daughter got involved in music and drama at the high school. I finally got to meet the whole group when I did there photos two weeks ago, just before the oldest two went away to college. We struggled a bit with the crazy weather…it’s hardly rained at all this summer in Cincinnati, but every time we’d schedule this session, the clouds would form and the rain would pour!  Finally, in between showers, we got it done. I think that the results were worth putting up with the silly rainclouds!

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “when it rains, it pours…”  Well lately, things have been pouring down on me, and it’s not just the rain when I’ve had a Dietz family portrait shoot scheduled. The bad news, Dietz family, is that your sneak peeks are really, really late, however, the good news is that your gallery is up and ready TONIGHT!  Ironically, it’s raining again……

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